No Wi-Fi, No Problem: Mobile GIS Technology That Solves Field-to-Database Connection Issues


Due to spotty, or non-existent internet coverage from field locations, many municipalities and counties struggle to quickly and accurately collect, review, and link field data to their existing Geographic Information System (GIS) databases and real estate software. Often handwritten notes are used for field data collection, and valuable time is lost in integrating that data into GIS databases. Cooper County in Missouri recognized the challenges their teams were facing by working without a direct connection from the field to the county’s databases and called on SAM to help them create a solution.

Working closely with Cooper County to understand their specific challenges and needs, SAM created a customized solution. SAM delivered an offline, mobile application to allow the county’s field staff to seamlessly access and link field data collection to SAM’s customized SAM Integrity™ software, and their GIS and real estate databases. Users can now utilize intuitive navigation features and initiate search tasks, measure distance, and identify parcels with offline, mobile technology. The application uses Bluetooth GPS technology to capture the location of the user and pinpoint that location directly on the GIS base map. A layer list is also accessible and layers can be easily turned on and off for optimal viewing.

By allowing field staff to take their GIS data to the worksite and make data-driven decisions in the field, the system that SAM created for Cooper County maximizes speed, efficiency, and accessibility while minimizing the risk of coding errors for field crews. In addition, SAM’s easy to use SAM Integrity™ software allows users in multiple departments, at different levels of GIS understanding, to access the county’s GIS data from any computer or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

“SAM worked closely with Cooper County to develop an innovative solution for their specific needs. Our customized, offline GIS deployment services make data collection and identifying parcels more efficient during field assessments,” said Matt Sorensen, SAM Maryville Office Manager. “The program directly integrates with the county’s real estate database program and is tailored to Cooper County’s needs by using Bluetooth connections instead of the internet. This allows the county to ensure all properties are accurately, quickly, and reliably accounted for both in the field and office.”

To ensure successful implementation and adoption of the technology, SAM provided the on-site setup and training to Cooper County staff. SAM also provides the county with on-going GIS data services and our SAM Integrity™ software synchronizes the county’s data for offline, mobile access.

Learn more about our GIS capabilities and customizable software, SAM Integrity™, by visiting our GIS services page.